Patchwork 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon Petit Verdot

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Rich Tapestry

Cabernet plucked from the highest reaches of the Cudgegong, near Rylstone, provides fruit with powerful aromas and finesse. Down at Apple Tree Flat, Petit Verdot ripens beautifully to give small berries with deep colour, firm tannins and dark fruit flavours all its own.

When handled and blended with care, these two parcels combine to produce a wine of considerable gravitas. Lifted red currant and dark berry aromas persist onto the palate, held together by fine structural tannins infused with subtle oak. Complexity and interest. A rich tapestry.

14.5% Alc/Vol

Total Production: 298 Cases

"Des Quilty says 'a wine we do in years that both varieties will benefit from blending'. Unlike the (2011) Shiraz, it's a wine of wide expression rather than depth. It flows around the mouth in swirls dropping flavour here and there like a Jackson Pollock painting. It's only when one stands back and reflects that ideas form. Lovely stuff. 94 points and great value at $22". Key Review of Wine, September 2012.