Running Stitch 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon

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A taste for discovery

Up here, in the highest reaches of the Cudgegong Valley near Rylstone, is a small block of hardy Cabernet vines that battle against the elements and hard gravelly soil. This tough existence builds character in these grapes - creating structure and finesse.

When handled with care, these hard-won little parcels of fruit transform into a wine of considerable gravitas. Robust blackcurrant cassis and cherry notes are held together in beautiful balance by the well-developed structural tannins infused with subtle oak. A true product of its environment - the height of elegance, you could say.

14.5% Alc/Vol.

Total Production: 123 cases

"It is its own wine. Tremendous individual character which I enjoy a great deal. Some will say it's terroir and I won't argue, the point being it is good. In fact, very good. It's a wine that leans towards the bitter edge of the spectrum, the flavours are from the middle of the palate to the back, and then on the return. 94 points now, but I think more to come and value at $28" - The Key Review of Wine, Sept 2012.